Lease Tracks

If you are familiar with the Crossroads Performance Track Series, you are already aware that this line has established the reputation of being the highest quality track in the business today. One reason for that is that we use our own facilities at Crossroads, as well as the same musicians that play on all of our major label artist’s projects. In other words, we treat the quality of the Crossroads Performance Track Series the same as our artist productions. All of the tracks come in multiple keys, with and without background vocals. We also have our original Crossroads artist tracks available, if that would be preferable on selected songs. Either way, we would love the opportunity to serve your needs with the highest quality performance tracks on the market.

Each track leased, can be used for one (1) recording project only. A one time fee of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) will be charged per soundtrack. If five (5) to nine (9) tracks are leased, the fee will be discounted to one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) per track. The price is further discounted to one hundred ten dollars ($110) per track if you lease ten (10) or more.

The lessee is responsible for all mechanical licenses, requests and payments, and any other royalties due to publishers or any other parties. Writer and publisher information can be furnished to you upon request. By accepting this lease agreement, Crossroads will be held harmless from any litigation or fines resulting in non-payment or any infringement of rights to publishers or any other parties.

If you would like to lease a Crossroads Performance Track simply contact our office at 1 (800) 966-7664 ext. 313 or via e-mail [email protected]. The entire track line is also available on this site. Thank you and “good recording”!